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Name(s) Anara Kelimber
Game Hell's Rebels (Played by Mami)
Class Oracle/Swashbuckler 2 / Hierophant 1
Race Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Patron Deity Serenae
Height 5'8"
Weight 160 lbs.
Age 16 (born Midwinter)
Apparent Age Late teens.
Hair Black, mid-back length, thick and wavy
Eyes White, no pupil or iris.
Skin Fair, tanned.

Abilities & Secondary Statistics

STR 10[+0]; DEX 108[+4]; CON 18[+4]; INT 14[+2]; WIS 14[+2]; CHA 18[+4].
HD: 21d10+8 (oracle/swashbuckler) +4 (hierophant) [32 hp]; DR: 0; Initiative: +4; SR: 0; Hero: 0.
AC: 17 (+4 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 leather armor), Flat-Footed 12, Touch 14, Miss Chance 0, Max Dex +6, Armor Check Pen 0, Spell Failure 10%.
Speed: 30ft (ground);
Size: Medium; Melee +2, Ranged +6.
Saves: Fort 4[0], Ref 7[3], Will 5[3].
BAB: +2; CMB +2; CMD 17, flat-footed 12.

Social Traits

Languages: Common (Native); Elven; Infernal.
Proficiencies: Simple weapons, Martial weapons; Light armor, Medium armor, Shields.
Traits: Historian of the Rebellion, Merchant.
Drawbacks: -
Status: Adventurer.
Wealth: 118.4gp.


Cur. Max/NL Notes
HP 32 32 Lethal: Non-Lethal:
XP 2010 5000 gains mythic next level.
Panache 4 0 used
Mythic Points 6 3 used 3 +(tierx2)+0
Spellbook Lvl. # Used Save DC Known
Spells Per Day 0 AW - 14 5
1 6 2 15 2+1

Attacks & Defenses

Weapon Atk Bonus Damage Critical Range Type Size
Rapier +6 1d6+4 18-20/x2 - P M
Dagger +6 1d4+4 19-20/x2 - S/P M
- 0/0 (location)

Special Attacks & Qualities

Human Traits

Humans can place +2 in any ability score; placed in charisma.
Bonus Feat
Humans gain an additional bonus feat at 1st level.
Humans gain an additional +1 skill rank at first level and every additional level thereafter.

Oracle Abilities

Mystery (the Heavens)
Coat of Many Stars (Su; 2hr/day gain +4 armor bonus to AC, does not need to be consecutive).
Clouded Vision (darkvision 30ft. only).
+6 (Oracle level + Charisma).

Swashbuckler Abilities

Swashbuckler Finesse
Character gains Weapon Finesse as a class ability.
Panache 4
Successful critical hit with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon [+1pt]
Killing blow with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon [+1pt]
Daring acts [GM's ruling]
Derring-do (Add 1d6 to Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Fly, Ride or Swim. If the roll is 6, add another (up to your DEX) [-1pt]
Dodging Panache (Move 5ft immediately when attacked, gaining a bonus to AC equal to your CHA. This provokes AOO.) [-1pt]
Opportune Parry and Reposte (Spend use of AOO to parry a melee attack. Make an attack roll (taking -2 per size category); if it's higher than the attacker, they miss. Must declare before the attack is rolled. If successfful, make an immediate melee attack.) [-1pt]
Charmed Life
Add CHA to a saving throw before it is rolled.
2/day ((Level+2)/2 uses per day)

Hierophant Abilities

Mythic Feats
Gain 1 mythic feat.
Base Mythic Abilities
Hard to kill (When below 0hp, always stabilise without needing to make a constitution check (though bleed damage still counts); Don't die until negative hp equals double your constitution score.)
Surge 1d6 (Spend one use of mythic power to add to any d20 roll)
Divine Surge
Recalled Blessing (Cast a spell without using a slot. On a saving throw, non-mythics roll twice and take the lower roll; On heals or caster level checks, roll twice and take the higher roll.)
Mythic Power
Daily uses (5/day; 3+(tier x 2)+0)
Path Abilities
Faith's Reach (Touch spells now have a range of 30 ft; Melee touch attacks are now ranged touch attacks;)

Oracle Spells

Level 0 Spells

Create Water
This spell generates wholesome, drinkable water, just like clean rain water. Water can be created in an area as small as will actually contain the liquid, or in an area three times as large -- possibly creating a downpour or filling many small receptacles. This water disappears after 1 day if not consumed. (Conj; 1sa; v,S;

Close 25ft+5ft/2lvls; Instant;)

Detect Magic
You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject. (Div; 1sa; V,S; 60ft cone; Concentration, up to 1min/lvl;)
This spell imbues the subject with a touch of divine guidance.The creature gets a +1 competence bonus on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. It must choose to use the bonus before making the roll to which it applies. (Div; 1sa; V,S; Touch; 1min or until discharged; Will negates (harmless); SR;)
This spell causes a touched object to glow like a torch, shedding normal light in a 20-foot radius from the point touched, and increasing the light level for an additional 20 feet by one step, up to normal light (darkness becomes dim light, and dim light becomes normal light). In an area of normal or bright light, this spell has no effect. The effect is immobile, but it can be cast on a movable object. (Evo[light]; 1sa; V, M/DF (a firefly); Touch; 10min/lvl;)
Upon casting this spell, you target a living creature that has –1 or fewer hit points. That creature is automatically stabilized and does not lose any further hit points. If the creature later takes damage, it continues dying normally. (Conj; 1sa; V,S; close (25ft+5ft/2lvls); Instant; Will negates(harmless); SR(harmless);)

Level 1 Spells

Cause Fear
The affected creature becomes frightened. If the subject succeeds on a Will save, it is shaken for 1 round. Creatures with 6 or more HD are immune to this effect. Cause fear counters and dispels remove fear. (Necro; 1sa; V,S; Close (25ft+5ft/2lvls); 1 living creature w/ 5 or less HD; 1d4 rounds; Will partial; SR;)
Color Spray
A vivid cone of clashing colors springs forth from your hand, causing creatures to become stunned, perhaps also blinded, and possibly knocking them unconscious. Each creature within the cone is affected according to its HD.
2 HD or less: The creature is unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round. (Only living creatures are knocked unconscious.)
3 or 4 HD: The creature is blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, then stunned for 1 round.
5 or more HD: The creature is stunned for 1 round.
Sightless creatures are not affected by color spray.
Ill; 1sa; V, S, M (red, yellow, and blue powder or colored sand); 15ft cone; Instant; Will negates; SR;
Cure Light Wounds
When laying your hand upon a living creature, you channel positive energy that cures 1d8 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum +5). Since undead are powered by negative energy, this spell deals damage to them instead of curing their wounds. An undead creature can apply Spell Resistance, and can attempt a Will save to take half damage.
Conj(healing); 1sa; V,S; touch; creature touched; Instant; Will half (harmless); SR (harmless);


Human Bonus Feats
Dodge [during action choose 1 opponent, gain +1 dodge bonus to AC vs that opponent]
Chosen Feats
Stealthy [General; gain +2 to Escape Artist and Stealth]
Swashbuckler Feats
Weapon Finesse [General; w/ light weapon, rapier, whip, or spiked chain of your size category, use Dex

modifier instead of Str for atk rolls.]

Mythic Feats
Mythic Weapon Finesse [add dex modifier to both attack and damage rolls]


Ranks: 23 (4+2Int+1fav+1hum)

Acrobatics Y/Y 4(DEX) 1 - +8
Appraise N/Y 2(WIS) 2 +11) +5
Bluff Y/Y 4(CHA) 2 - +9
Climb Y/Y 0(STR) - - +0
Craft () Y/N 2(INT) - - +2
Diplomacy Y/Y 4(CHA) 1 - +8
Disable Device N/N 4(DEX) - - -
Disguise N/Y 4(CHA) - - +4
Escape Artist Y/Y 4(DEX) 2 +22) +11
Fly N/Y 4(DEX) - - +4
Handle Animal N/N 4(CHA) - - -
Heal Y/Y 2(WIS) 1 - +6
Intimidate Y/Y 4(CHA) 2 - +9
Knowledge (arcana) N/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (dungeoneering) N/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (engineering) N/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (geography) N/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (history) Y/N 2(INT) 1 - +6
Knowledge (local) Y/N 2(INT) 1 - +6
Knowledge (nature) N/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (nobility) Y/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (planes) Y/N 2(INT) - - -
Knowledge (religion) Y/N 2(INT) 1 - +6
Linguistics N/N 2(INT) - - -
Perception Y/Y 2(WIS) 2 - +7
Perform () N/N 4(CHA) - - -
Profession (sailor) Y/N 2(WIS) 1 - +6
Ride Y/Y 4(DEX) - - +4
Sense Motive Y/Y 2(WIS) 1 +11) +7
Sleight of Hand Y/N 4(DEX) - - -
Spellcraft Y/N 2(INT) 1 - +6
Stealth N/Y 4(DEX) 2 +22) +8
Survival N/Y 2(WIS) - - +2
Swim Y/Y 0(STR) 1 - +4
Use Magic Device N/N 4(CHA) 1 - +2

1) Includes +1 for Merchant Trait.
2) Includes +2 for Stealthy Feat.


Current Load 23lbs.
Load Capacity Max Dex Enc Pen Run
Light to 33lbs. Normal Normal Normal
Medium to 66lbs. +3 -3 x4
Heavy to 100lbs. +1 -6 x3
Movement Walk Hustle Run
30 60 120
Lifting Lift over Head Lift off Ground Push/Drag
100lbs. =Max Load 200lbs. =2xMax Load 500lbs. =5xMax Load


Item Cost Weight Description & Notes
Rapier 20gp 2lbs.
Dagger 2gp 1lb
Explorer's Outfit 10gp 8lbs
Leather armor 10gp 15lbs
Backpack gp 2lbs
Bedroll gp 5lbs at home
Belt Pouch 118gp 4sp 3.5lbs
Rope, silk gp 5lbs at home
Blanket, winter gp 3lbs at home
Waterskin gp 4lbs
Quartz Earrings 20gp --
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