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Aurora Solfrid

Game, setting, & player:
Full name & aliases:
Aurora Solfrid, Princess of the Empyrean; GildedCanary, Meredith Blake.
Real and apparent age:
20 (born Midsummer). Appears to be in late teens or young adulthood.
Height, weight, & build:
5′6″, 120 pounds. Built like a fertility goddess.
Colouration & features:
Angelic features; long golden blond hair, sky blue eyes, and flawless fair skin.

Quick Reference

Point Tracking

Cur. Max.
Hit Points 8 8
Radiation Points 9 9
Fatigue Points 8 10
Long-Term Fatigue 10 10
Stability Points 10 10
Long-Term Stability 10 10
Quintessence Points 60 60
Long-Term Quintessence 60 60
Grace Points 6 6
Unspent Experience [0]

Reaction Modifiers

Source Mod. Affected Group
Appearance +5 Everyone.
Fashion +1 Everyone.
Voice +2 Everyone.


Load Move
None (0) 0-13 5.00
Light (1) 13-25 4.00
Medium (2) 25-38 3.00
Heavy (3) 38-75 2.00
Extra (4) 75-125 1.00

Damage Resistance

Source DR Locations Notes
Boots 2/1* feet, legs (1) Lower vs. imp.

Unarmed Attacks

Attack Defensive Normal Committed All-Out Furious
Punching: thr-1, Reach C; DX-10, Parry 8
Normal 1d-5 cr 1d-3 cr 1d-2 cr 1d-1 cr 1d cr
Loaded 1d-4 cr 1d-2 cr 1d-1 cr 1d cr 1d+1 cr
Kicking: thr, Reach C,1; DX-8, Parry 7
Normal 1d-4 cr 1d-2 cr 1d-1 cr 1d cr 1d+1 cr
Shod 1d-3 cr 1d-1 cr 1d cr 1d+1 cr 1d+2 cr
Grappling: thr, Reach C, DX-10, Parry 8
Normal 1d-4 cp 1d-2 cp 1d-1 cp 1d cp 1d+1 cp

Muscle-Powered Weapons

Attack Defensive Normal Committed All-Out Furious
Small knife: sw-3, thr-1; Rc C,1/C; Knife-6, Parry 6
Thrust 1d-5 imp 1d-3 imp 1d-2 imp 1d-1 imp 1d imp
Swing 1d-5 cut 1d-3 cut 1d-2 cut 1d-1 cut 1d cut

Ranged Weapons

Attack Damage Range Notes
Small knife: thr-1, Acc 0, Range ×1/2/×1, Bulk -1, Thrown Knife-6
Defensive 1d-3 imp 3/6 None.
Normal 1d-2 imp 5/10
Committed 1d-1 imp 6/12
Normal 1d imp 6/14
9mm Auto: 2d+2, Acc 2, Rng 150/1,850, RoF 3, Sht 15+1(3), Rcl 2, ST 9, Blk -2, Guns-6
9mm FMJ 2d+2 pi 150/1,850 None.
9mm JHP 2d+2(0.5) pi+
9mm APDS Match 3d(2) pi- 220/2,800 Acc 3
9mm JSP+P+ 3d(0.5) pi+ 230/2,900 ST 14, Rcl 3

Character Sheet

Attributes & Secondary Characteristics

ST 8 [-20]; DX 10 [0]; HT 10 [0]; IQ 10 [0]; PE 10 [0]; WL 10 [0]; QN 30 [200].
HP 8 [0]; RP 9 [0]; FP 10 [0]; LFP 10 [0]; SP 10 [0]; LSP 10 [0]; QP 60 [90]; LQP 60 [0].
Basic Speed 5.00 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]; Water Move 1 [0].
SM+0 (1 hex); Basic Lift 13; Damage Thr 1d-4, Sw 1d-2.
Dodge 8; Parry 8 (DX); Block None.

Advantages, Disadvantages, & Features

Social Background

TL 3 [0].
Status: 6 (Celestial, +100%) [60].
Wealth: Multimillionaire 2 ($​10,000,000 starting wealth, up to $​8,000,000 per month from job) [100].
Cultural Familiarities: Celestial [0]; Prythannic [1].
Languages: Celestial (Native) [0].


Appearance (Transcendent; Universal, +25%) [25]
Gives +5 to reaction rolls where the other person can see you.
Fashion Sense [5]
Your look is always one step ahead of the crowd. You have the ability to create a fashion statement out of the cheapest and most nondescript materials. This gives +1 to reaction rolls in social situations when you have a chance to plan your attire in advance. You can also give someone else a +1 reaction bonus when you put together the outfit.
Supportive Ally 4 [20]
You receive a +4 on all rolls made to directly assist an ally. You get this bonus when you make complementary skill rolls to aid your allies or use your skill to cover for less-skilled friends (though this doesn't count for making you more skilled in the first place!); whenever you counsel an ally in battle; on all sacrificial defenses made to protect an ally; when feinting in support of an ally's attack; whenever you roll to heal or provide medical attention, mundane or supernatural, to an ally; and on similar rolls as the GM permits.
Voice [10]
You have the voice of an angel. Gain +2 to Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Mimicry, Performance, Politics, Public Speaking, Sex Appeal, and Singing, as well as any reaction roll made against someone who can hear your voice.


Extreme Sexual Dimorphism 3 [3]
You have exaggerated female sexual attributes. This gives +3 to Sex Appeal – but also +3 to others’ attempts to identify you, and -3 to Disguise or Shadowing when trying to remain anonymous.
Halo [1]
You stand out to others, almost seeming limned in golden light. This gives others a +3 on Vision and skill rolls to spot you. Whenever you want to remain unseen (e.g., when using Stealth), make a WL roll to rein in this effect, or observers gain your margin of failure as a bonus, to a maximum of +3.
Perfume 3 [3]
Your body generates its own natural scent, which most people find pleasing and alluring. You receive a +3 bonus on Sex Appeal rolls and a +1 on reaction rolls where a pleasant smell makes a difference, but others gain a +3 on Smell rolls to detect you (including Tracking rolls!) and you a -3 on rolls to hide or disguise yourself.
Resonant Voice [1]
Your voice carries far more than it ought to, easily being heard over other noises. This gives others a +3 on Hearing and skill rolls to hear you. If you want your words to go unheard by others, make a WL roll to rein in this effect, or eavesdroppers gain your margin of failure as a bonus, to a maximum of +3.
Sanitized Metabolism [1]
You’re totally clean. Your body produces minimal, sanitized waste products, and you never suffer from bad breath, excessive perspiration, or unsightly skin problems. This gives -1 to attempts to track you by scent and +1 to reaction rolls in close confines.

Divine Power (Innate Divine, +0%)

Divine Power1) [60]
Concentrate for five seconds and spend a Grace Point to perform a true miracle.
Grace Points 62) [80]
Fuel epic powers, ensure success, or recover from disasters. Recovers fully every Sunday at dawn.
Last Rites3) [5]
Perform one minute ritual over a corpse to protect it from necromancy.
Holy Touch4) [10]
Touch a pint of water to create temporary holy water, and your touch acts like holy water.
Solar Radiance5) [10]
You can glow with sunlight, emitting up to +5 illumination. Constantly provides +5 to HT rolls against eye damage from intense light.
Sense of Faith6) [15]
You are aware of the status of your worshippers as a whole. You automatically know when large groups of them are in trouble, in pain, or in need of help, regardless of where they are. Particularly urgent prayers from individuals can reach you.
Feed the Masses7) [17]
Turn a tiny amount of food and drink into ninety pounds of food/drink, three times per day.
Holy Weaponry8) [18]
Every weapon you wield can harm Dark supernatural spirits as if they were tangible, and whenever your attack injures any Dark supernatural being it takes an additional 1 point of burning damage per second for 1d6 seconds, bypassing DR.
Consecrate Ground9) [39]
You can consecrate the land, turning it into High Sanctity holy ground. You're limited to a roughly circular area up to one square mile, with a cost of 1 QP for every 10 square yards (60 QP for the full area). You must traverse the full perimeter before heading to the center to conclude. Cursed land, and land consecrated to another god resists.
Sermonize10) [20]
Grants +5 to reaction, influence, Leadership, and Public Speaking rolls, so long as you are open and honest with your words. Costs 1 QP per use.
Bless11) [25]
Whenever you embrace someone for a minute (or any other sort of extended physical intimacy), you may expend 6 QP to bestow 1 Character Point upon the target. Spending this point toward personal improvement is subject to certain limitations.
Stoicism12) [26]
For as long as you continue to concentrate, you are completely unaffected by pain. Injuries do not require a Will roll to maintain concentration on this.
Aura of Courage13) [30]
You emanate an aura that gives you and every ally within 20 yards immunity to fear. Activating the aura takes a Concentrate maneuver, and it endures until deactivated, costing 1 QP per minute. Effect persists for 15 seconds after leaving the aura or deactivating it.
Sense True Darkness14) [32]
Gain a flash of knowledge, showing you where all nearby Dark beings are. Only detects those with Dark supernatural abilities or those who are completely devoted to or taken over by Dark. Range varies from a few miles to a few hundred miles, depending on where the worst Darkness is.
Angelic Wings15) [35]
You can manifest angelic wings and fly at Air Move 10. Armour and clothing do not interfere with this. The wings may be attacked and injured while manifested, with the injury applying to LQP instead of HP. Likewise, any fatigue costs for aerial movement are applied to QP instead of FP.
Aura of Protection16) [40]
You emanate an aura that gives you and every ally within 20 yards DR 4 that protects them and anything they're carrying. Activating the aura takes a Concentrate maneuver, and it endures until deactivated, costing 1 QP per minute. Effect persists for 15 seconds after leaving the aura or deactivating it.
Protection From Darkness17) [46]
Take a Concentrate manuever and make a Quick Contest of Quintessence against any Dark being nearby. If you win or tie against them, they cannot move any closer to you than yards equal to your margin of victory (minimum one yard). If it cannot leave the area without coming closer, it must make a WL roll in order to flee past you, pushing you aside with the minimum force required to escape if needed. On a failure, the monster is cowed. It must cower, helplessly, and cannot move, defend itself, or take any other action. This effect endures for as long as you concentrate and for 1d seconds after you stop.
Heavenly Fire18) [56]
You call down holy fire from the heavens to incinerate your divine enemies: this should either be a supernatural creature, such as an undead, demon, a servant of a rival god, or a foe battled on holy ground. Foe must be within 10 yards and clearly designated aloud. A 6d burning attack that affects insubstantial targets descends from above, then spreads into a 4 yard wide column of flame that persists for 10 seconds, and can move at 2 yards per second toward other designated enemies, burning everything in its path. Costs 1 QP per attack.
Resurrection19) [90]
If you are ever slain, your spirit remains intact and conscious, in full possession of your supernatural abilities. Returning to life would require restoring your body, or procuring a new body if the old one was destroyed. While you are a spirit, you are bound to the location or your remains or the site of your death, losing Quintessence at a rate of 1 QP every 10 minutes after being away for over an hour. Should your QP reach -300, then you finally and truly die.
Holy Glory20) [95]
You reveal your celestial magnficence for a moment. Anyone who can see you makes a Fright Check at -4. Dark aligned beings experience Fear, everyone else experiences Awe. Repeated uses within an hour give bonuses to resist. Costs 1 QP per use.
Oathbinding21) [100]
Whenever someone swears an oath on your name, and then breaks that oath, they become Cursed until they make an appropriate atonement, requiring a month's worth of prayer or meditation, sacrifice equal to a month's income, or a major quest.
Unburned22) [100]
You are immune to heat and smoke and have DR 20 against heat/fire, making you immune to all mundane earthly fires. This does not protect your gear.
Celestial Communication23) [185]
You understand all beings at a deep level, permitting you to communicate with them regardless of language or even sapience (though the responses you receive might not be terribly useful). All languages and writings that are not deliberately created to obscure their meaning are clear to you. Likewise, your deep understanding provides a +3 bonus on any roll where having a deep understanding of the body or mind of a being would prove useful.
Breath of Life24) [375]
You can heal all manner of illness, weariness, and injury to the body, mind, and spirit of anything: living beings, unliving beings, inanimate objects, and insubstantial entities alike. Make a Quintessence roll to heal the target: restoring lost HP, FP, or SP has no modifier and heals 2 points for every 1 QP spent on a success, but costs the target 1d HP/FP/SP on a critical failure; healing a crippling injury has a penalty of -6, so long as all the HP lost in the crippling is healed at the same time; removing an affliction has a -1 penalty per full +50% the effect is worth as an enhancement to Affliction, with a QP cost of twice the penalty, minimum 1 QP; curing a disease has a -1 to -15 penalty depending on the severity and subversiveness of the disease, with a QP cost of twice the penalty; removing a disadvantage is at a penalty equal to the negative point value of the trait, and costs three times the penalty in QP. Even cursed maladies can be healed, though the source of the curse resists removal. Healing requires more than simple physical contact, though a kiss or tears shed into the injury will suffice.
Genesis25) [600]
You can alter, create, control, destroy, or enhance up to ten pounds or one yard radius of material or a megajoule of energy or half a mile radius of a natural system. Can inflict damage or deflect it, at a limit of 1d, or give +/- 1 to rolls. Costs 1 QP to alter, destroy or enhance something; 2 QP to create something or control something alive; 3 QP to alter, destroy, or enhance something alive; 4 QP to create something alive. Creations are impermanent unless 1 Grace Point is spent.


Charitable (Self-Control 12) [-15]
Make a self-control roll in any situation where you could render aid or are specifically asked for help, but should resist the urge. If you fail, you must offer assistance, even if that means violating orders or walking into a potential trap.
Gregarious [-10]
You react to others at +4 most of the time, and when alone you are utterly miserable, suffering a -2 penalty to IQ rolls and IQ-based skill rolls. When socially isolated for an extended period of time, you must roll against WL every 6 hours, instead of every day, to avoid losing 1 SP (1 LSP on a critical failure). This roll is at a bonus (up to +4) with suitable distractions available, or a penalty (up to -10) if the environment is particularly boring. Optionally, Dreaming or Meditation may substitute for WL and suffer no penalty for lack of distractions.
Honesty (Self-Control 12) [-10]
You must obey Celestial Law, and do your best to get others to do so as well. When local laws conflict with Celestial Law, you will try to satisfy both (unless it's Infernal Law -- angels don't obey demons, after all!), but if that isn't possible, you will adhere to Celestial Law. You assume that others are honest and honorable unless you know otherwise (make an IQ roll to realize someone might be dishonest if you don't have proof).
This is a disadvantage because it often limits your options! Make a self-control roll when faced with the “need” to break unreasonable laws; if you fail, you must obey the law, whatever the consequences. If you succeed and break the law, make a second self-control roll afterwards. If you fail, you must turn yourself in to the authorities! You may fight (or even start a fight if you do it in a legal way) -- but you may never murder. You may steal if there is great need, but only as a last resort, and you must attempt to pay your victims back later. If you are jailed for a crime you did not commit, but treated fairly and assured of a trial, you will not try to escape. You always keep your word. (In a war, you may act “dishonestly” against the enemy, but you will not be happy about it!) However, you are allowed to lie if it does not involve breaking the law.
Honesty has its rewards, of course. If you stay alive and in one place long enough for your honesty to become known, the GM should give you +1 on any noncombat reaction roll – or +3 if a question of trust or honor is involved. This is essentially a free Reputation.
Overconfidence (Self-Control 12) [-5]
You possess magical power far in excess of any mortal, and you trust in this power to carry you through any risky situation, even when this isn't exactly prudent. You must make a self-control roll any time the GM feels you show and unreasonable degree of cautioni. If you fail, you must go ahead, trusting in your ability to handle the situation!
You receive +2 on all reaction rolls from young, naive, or otherwise impressionable sorts (who believe you are as good as you act like you are), but -2 on reactions from experience, jaded, or otherwise pessimistic sorts (who think you clearly must be worse than you actually are).
Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) [-5]
You're psychologically unprepared to kill people. Whenever you make a deadly attack against an obvious person whose face is visible to you, you're at -4 to hit and may not Aim. If you can't see their face, the penalty is only -2 except in close combat. This penalty doesn't apply against a vehicle or building or set of coordinats, or an opponent you don't believe is a person. If you kill what is recognizably a person, you suffer from Chronic Depression for 3d days. During this time, you must make a WL roll to offer any sort of violence toward anyone, for any reason.
Selfless (Self-Control 12) [-5]
You're altruistic and self-sacrificing, and put little importance on personal fame and wealth. You must make a self-control roll to put your needs -- even survival -- before those of someone else.
Sense of Duty (Companions) [-5]
You feel a strong sense of commitment toward your companions. You will never betray them, abandon them when they’re in trouble, or let them suffer or go hungry if you can help. If you are known to have a Sense of Duty, the GM will adjust the reactions of others by +2 when rolling to see whether they trust you in a dangerous situation. However, if you go against your Sense of Duty by acting against the interests of those you are supposed to be looking out for, make a WL roll -- on a success, lose 1 SP, and on a failure, lose 1 SP plus 1 per 3 points of margin of failure (rounded up).
Orcish Fixation [-25]
You are enthralled with the effects of orcish sexual fluids. Each day you must make a roll against WL (maximum 13). If you succeed, then you are able to keep your desires in check. If you fail, you give in and seek out sexual contact with an orc, or failing that, any other male. If you cannot do this, lose 1 SP. If you succeed at 14 rolls, then you've shaken off the fixation for now. However, if you are ever in the presence of orcs, you must make a WL+4 roll to avoid giving in and seeking sexual contact. Giving in like this three days in one week will reinstate the daily checks. Continued Orcish Fixation will drain away your mind -- you must roll yearly against WL+2 until you shake off the daily checks. Failure means you lose a level of mental attribute (or suffer an equivalent loss of points from mental advantages or disadvantages).


Direct [-1]
You're not one for lateral thinking or exotic solutions, tending to stick with tried-and-true methods. Roll 1d6 before undertaking any task that requires an unconventional approach. On a 1-3, you're fine, but 4-5 gives -1 on that effort, and a 6 gives -2.
Elf Ears [-1]
You have adorable elven ears. Your ears give you a +1 to Hearing rolls made to pick out sounds in a crowded environment (like a forest), but watch out! They're very sensitive to the touch (doubles distraction penalties) and to loud noises (-1 to rolls made to resist hearing-related afflictions). Additionally, you may purchase exotic hearing-related traits.
Energetic [-1]
You always want to move, to run and jump and fly around, to take joy in your newfound vitality. This can result in a -1 on reaction rolls from people who are annoyed by your boundless enthusiasm.
Flirtatious [-1]
You go out of your way to interact with people who attract you. You might be coy or brazen, but you don't have to make a "pass". In the presence of an appealing member of the sex you find attractive, you're distracted and at -1 on rolls for the task at hand, unless that's impressing whoever caught your eye.
Old-Fashioned Gal [-1]
While you might go out of your way to interact with people who attract you, you certainly don't feel comfortable being the one to initiate a romantic relationship or encounter. You want to be the one wooed and pursued. You value your virginity, and the idea of a casual fling or an open-relationship is a deeply upsetting one to you. This is Phobia (Sex; Self-Control 18; Limited, Does not apply within a proper relationship, -50%).
Optimistic [-1]
You always look on the bright side of life, even when everything seems hopeless. Your relentless optimism can give a bonus on rolls to cheer up others, but more often you'll suffer a -1 to reaction rolls from "realists" or people who aren't in the mood for hope.
Practical Joker [-1]
You enjoy playing harmless pranks on humourless sticks-in-the-mud. This will often result in a reactions at -1 or worse if they find out you were behind it. When you need to resist this urge, your self-control roll is 15.
Sleep of the Dead [-1]
You can fall asleep in all but the worst conditions, sleep through most disturbances, and never suffer any ill effects due to the quality of your sleep. However, you have a -4 on any PE roll to notice disturbances or WL roll to force yourself to wake up early.
Trusting [-1]
With your divine gifts making you so aware of what others are feeling, you're much more likely to empathize with them and trust them. You effectively have Gullibility at Self-Control 18, which gives you a -3 penalty on any Merchant skill roll, or in any situation in which your credulity can be exploited. Your empathic abilities limit how often your trusting nature can get you into trouble.
Wanderlust [-1]
You want to see everything this amazing world has to offer. This essentially acts as Curiosity, limited solely toward going to new places. If you're presented with a strange new place to go, roll against self-control 12. If you fail, then you'll either look to make the trip, or suffer a -1 to IQ, IQ-based skills, and self-control rolls for the next few days, as your frustration distracts you.


  • Bisexual (K2).
  • Right-Handed.

Skills & Techniques

Skills Dif. Rel. Pts. Lev.
Acrobatics H DX [4] 10
Acting A IQ [2] 10
Administration A IQ [2] 10
Animal Handling VH IQ [8] 10
Area Knowledge (Caerwynsir) E IQ [1] 10
Area Knowledge (Empyrean) E IQ+10 [36] 20
Area Knowledge (Prythain) E IQ [1] 10
Artist (Calligraphy) H IQ [4] 10
Astronomy H IQ [4] 10
Body Language A PE [2] 10
Bow A DX [2] 10
Carousing E HT [1] 10
Cartography A IQ [2] 10
Cloak A DX [2] 10
Cooking A IQ [2] 10
Current Affairs (High Culture) E IQ [1] 10
Dancing A DX [2] 10
Diplomacy H IQ+2 [4] 12 26)
Esoteric Medicine (Celestial) H PE [4] 10
Exorcism H QN-6 [0] 24
Expert Skill (Natural Philosophy) H IQ [4] 10
Fortune-Telling (Astrology) A IQ [2] 10
Gardening E IQ [1] 10
Heraldry A IQ [2] 10
Hidden Lore (Angel Lore) A IQ+10 [40] 20
Hiking A HT [2] 10
Housekeeping E IQ [1] 10
Innate Attack (Beam) E DX+2 [4] 12
Innate Attack (Projectile) E DX+2 [4] 12
Intelligence Analysis (Military) A IQ [2] 10
Intimidation A WL [2] 10
Law (Celestial) H IQ [4] 10
Literature H IQ [4] 10
Mathematics (Applied) H IQ [4] 10
Musical Composition H IQ [4] 10
Naturalist H IQ [4] 10
Occultism A IQ [2] 10
Poetry A IQ [2] 10
Psychology H IQ [4] 10
Public Speaking A IQ+2 [2] 12 27)
Rapier A DX [2] 10
Religious Ritual (Light) H IQ [4] 10
Research A IQ [2] 10
Riding A DX [2] 10
Running A HT [2] 10
Savoir-Faire (High Society) E IQ+2 [4] 12
Sewing E IQ [1] 10
Sex Appeal A HT+10 [0] 20 28)
Singing E HT+4 [4] 14 29)
Stealth A DX [2] 10
Strategy (Land Battle) A IQ [2] 10
Swimming E HT [1] 10
Tactics (Personal Combat) A IQ [2] 10
Teaching A IQ [2] 10
Thaumatology VH IQ [8] 10
Theology (Light) H IQ [4] 10
Weather Sense A IQ [2] 10
Writing A IQ [2] 10
Air Spells
Purify Air H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Seek Air H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Create Air H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Shape Air H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Destroy Air H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Body Control Spells
Might H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Grace H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Vigor H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Ambidexterity H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Balance H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Reflexes H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Enchantment Spells
Enchant VH QN-4 [1/2] 26
Powerstone H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Staff H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Fire Spells
Ignite Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Seek Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Create Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Extinguish Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Shape Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Fireproof H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Slow Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Fast Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Deflect Energy H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Flame Jet H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Heat H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Rain of Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Resist Fire H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Resist Cold H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Warmth H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Fireball H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Explosive Fireball H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Essential Flame H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Flaming Weapon H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Flaming Missiles H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Flaming Armor H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Fire Cloud H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Gate College
Planar Summons (Empyrean) H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Plane Shift (Empyrean) VH QN-4 [1/2] 26
Beacon H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Trace Teleport H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Seek Gate H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Scry Gate H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Control Gate H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Create Gate VH QN-4 [1/2] 26
Healing Spells
Lend Energy H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Share Energy H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Recover Energy H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Illusion & Creation Spells
Simple Illusion H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Illusion Disguise H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Inscribe H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Knowledge Spells
Measurement H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Tell Time H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Find Direction H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Tell Position H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Test Load H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Detect Magic H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Sense Mana H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Aura H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Identify Spell H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Mage Sight H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Mage Sense H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Seek Magic H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Analyze Magic H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Seeker H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Trace H QN-4 [1/4] 26
History H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Reconstruct Spell H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Light & Darkness Spells
Continual Light H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Colors H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Remove Shadow H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Shape Light H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Hawk Vision H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Small Vision H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Glow H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Light Jet H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Mirror H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Flash H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Sunlight H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Continual Sunlight H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Sunbolt H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Making & Breaking Spells
Inspired Creation VH QN-4 [1/2] 26
Restore H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Clean H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Soilproof H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Dye H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Copy H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Mapmaker H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Mystic Mark H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Counterspell H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Scryguard H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Suspend Spell H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Ward H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Great Ward H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Magic Resistance H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Suspend Magic H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Displace Spell H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Spell Shield H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Pentagram H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Suspend Mana VH QN-4 [1/2] 26
Dispel Magic H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Remove Curse H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Mind Control Spells
Keen Vision H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Fear H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Bravery H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Movement Spells
Apportation H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Deflect Missile H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Dancing Object H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Necromancy Spells
Sense Spirit H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Summon Spirit H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Turn Spirit H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Banish H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Repel Spirits H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Astral Block H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Plant Spells
Seek Plant H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Identify Plant H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Heal Plant H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Shape Plant H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Bless Plants H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Plant Growth H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Rejuvenate Plant H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Protection & Warning Spells
Block H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Hardiness H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Watchdog H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Shield H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Armor H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Turn Blade H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Bladeturning H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Missile Shield H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Teleport Shield H QN-4 [1/4] 26
Weather Spells
Warm H QN-4 [1/4] 26

1) Patron (True God; Constantly available, ×4; Highly Accessible, +50; Innate Divine, +0%; Special Abilities, +100%; Costs IP, ×1/5) {60}
2) Impulse Points 6 (Innate Divine, +0%) {30} + Enhanced IP Refresh 6 (Game Time, +0%; Innate Divine, +0%) {50}.
3) Blessed (Last Rites) {5}.
4) Blessed (Font) {10}.
5) Create Sunlight (Accessibility, limited to simple non-damaging lights only, -40%; Cosmic, Creates sunlight, +50%; Emanation, -20%; Innate Divine, +0%; Reduced Fatigue Cost 2, +40%; Reflexive, +40%) {5} + Protected Vision (Innate Divine, +0%) {5}.
6) Special Rapport (Worshippers; Can receive urgent requests, +25%; Cosmic, Universal Truth, +100%; Innate Divine, +0%; One-Way, +20%) {15}.
7) Create Food/Drink 3 (Innate Divine, +0%; Limited Use, 3/day, -20%; Reduced Fatigue Cost 2, +40%; Takes Extra Time 1, -10%; Trigger, Food/Drink, -10%) {17}.
8) Blessed (Ghost Weapon) {15} + Burning Attack 1 point (Accessibility, Dark supernatural beings only, -50%; Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Cyclic, 1 second, 4 cycles, +300%; Follow-Up, Any weapon, +50%; Innate Divine, +0%) {3}.
9) Affliction 1 (HT; Accessibility, Ground and buildings only, -20%; Advantage, Blessed, +100%; Area Effect, 1024 yards, +500%; Costs Quintessence, 1 QP per 10 square yards, -40%; Emanation, -20%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +150%; Innate Divine, +0%; Malediction 1, +100%; Must first traverse entire perimeter, -20%; Selective Area, +20%) {20}.
10) Charisma 5 (Cannot lie, -10%; Costs Quintessence, 1 QP per use, -10%; Innate Divine, +0%) {20}.
11) Affliction 1 (Accessibility, Requires extended physical intimacy, -30%; Always On, -40%; Based on QN, Own Roll, +20%; Blood Agent, -40%; Cosmic, Adds Character Points, +300%; Costs Quintessence, 6 QP, -40%; Cumulative, +400%; Extended Duration, Truly Permanent, +300%; Innate Divine, +0%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -35%; Variable Enhancement, 1 character point, +100%) {25}.
12) Immunity to Pain (Innate Divine, +0%; Requires Concentrate, -15%) {26}.
13) Afliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Unfazeable, +150%; Area Effect, 32 yards, +250%; Aura, +80%; Cosmic, No die roll required, +100%; Costs Quintessence, 1 QP per minute, -10%; Innate Divine, +0%; Malediction 1, +100%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; Nuisance Effect, Area limited to WL + Talent, -5%; Reduced Duration, 1/60, Only after target leaves the area, -30%; Requires WL Roll, -5%; Selective Area, +20%; Takes Extra Time, -10%) {16} + Unfazeable (Accessibility, Only while aura is active, -10%; Innate Divine, +0%) {14}.
14) Detect Truly Dark Beings (Cannot Analyze, -10%; Cosmic, No die roll required, +100%; Innate Divine, +0%; Long-Range 1, +50%; Precise, +100%) {32}.
15) Flight (Convenience Effect, Armour and clothes don't need to be designed to handle wings, +10%; Innate Divine, +0%; Switchable, +10%; Winged, -25%) {36} + Quirk: Damage and Fatigue apply to QP instead of HP or FP {-1}.
16) Afliction 1 (HT; Advantage, DR 4 (Force Field, +20%), +240%; Area Effect, 32 yards, +250%; Aura, +80%; Cosmic, No die roll required, +100%; Costs Quintessence, 1 QP per minute, -10%; Innate Divine, +0%; Malediction 1, +100%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; Nuisance Effect, Area limited to WL + Talent, -5%; Reduced Duration, 1/60, Only after target leaves the area, -30%; Requires WL Roll, -5%; Selective Area, +20%; Takes Extra Time, -10%) {18} + Damage Resistance 4 (Accessibility, Only while aura is active, -10%; Force Field, +20%; Innate Divine, +0%) {22}.
17) True Faith (Based on QN, +40%; Innate Divine, +0%; Personal Holiness, +100%; Turning, +65%) {46}.
18) Burning Attack 6d (Accessibility, Requires a clearly designated target, who must be an enemy of the faith, -30%; Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Cosmic, No die roll required, +100%; Costs Quintessence, 1 QP per attack, -10%; Homing, Guided by Detect Enemies of the Faith (Precise, +100%), +60%; Increased 1/2D, 10×, +15%; Mobile, 2 yards per turn, +80%; Overhead, +30%; Persistent, +40%; Reduced Range (Only for the initial attack, -20%), 1/10, -24%; Selective Area, +20%) {56}.
19) Unkillable 3 (Innate Divine, +0%; Mortal, -20%; Reincarnation, Spirit, -20%) {90}.
20) Terror (-4 to Fright Checks; Costs Quintessence, 1 QP per use, -10%; Decreased Immunity 1, +50%; Innate Divine, +0%; Dark aligned beings experience Terror, others experience Awe, +0%) {95}.
21) Affliction 1 (WL; Accessibility, Target must swear binding oath on Aurora's name, -40%; Based on WL, +20%; Cosmic, No die roll required, +300%; Cosmic, No Rule of 16, +50%; Cosmic, Irresistible Attack, +300%; Disadvantage, Cursed, +75%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +150%; Innate Divine, +0%; Long-Range 1, +50%; Malediction 3, +200%; Reflexive, +40%; Reliable 10, +50%; Triggered Delay, Only Broken Oaths, +50%) {84} + Detect Own Name (Cosmic, No die roll required, +100%; Innate Divine, +0%; Lock-On, +50%; Long-Range 2, +100%; Reflexive, +40%; Unconscious, -30%; Vague, -50%) {16}.
22) Damage Resistance 20 (Innate Divine, +0%; Limited, Heat/Fire, -40%) {60} + Doesn't Breathe (Innate Divine, +0%; Oxygen Combustion, -50%) {10} + Temperature Tolerance (Immune to Environmental Heat; Innate Divine, +0%) {30}.
23) Animal Empathy (Innate Divine, +0%; Physical, +100%) {10} + Empathy (Innate Divine, +0%; Physical, +100%) {30} + Omnilingual (Native; Cosmic, Universal Translator, +50%; Innate Divine, +0%) {75} + Plant Empathy (Innate Divine, +0%; Physical, +100%) {10} + Speak With Animals (Innate Divine, +0%) {25} + Speak With Plants (Innate Divine, +0%) {15} + Spirit Empathy (Innate Divine, +0%; Physical, +100%) {20}.
24) Healing (Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Affects Self, +50%; Affects the Dead, +300%; Based on QN, +20%; Blood Agent, -40%; Cure Afflictions, +60%; Heals Lingering and Unhealing Damage, +100%; Heals Unliving, +100%; Innate Divine, +0%; No Repeated Use Penalty, +50%; Psychological Healing, +300%; Restore Fatigue, +100%; Restore Limbs, +80%; Restore Stability, +100%; Reverse Ageing, +300%; Spiritual Healing, +300%; Xenohealing, Anything Animate, +100%) {375}
25) Control Anything 1 (Collective, +100%; Innate Divine, +0%; Natural Phenomena, Improved, +500%; Vital Manipulation, +100%) {240} + Create Anything 1 (Destruction, +100%; Cosmic, Esoteric materials, +100%; Innate Divine, +0%; Transmutation, +50%; Vital Creation, +100%) {360}.
26) Includes +2 for Voice.
27) Includes +2 for Voice.
28) This includes +5 for Appearance, +2 for Voice, +3 for Extreme Sexual Dimorphism, and +3 for Perfume. Due to the Universal modifier on Appearance, the target's sexual orientation does not prohibit use.
29) Includes +2 for Voice.


Item Location Cost Weight Description & Notes
Adventuring Outfit Worn $120,000 6 lbs. An outfit suited to a deific princess. Made from woven threads of various esoteric magical materials, such as sky, sunlight, and clouds.
$570,000 Energy Shealth (DR 5), Deflect +2, Fortify (DR 5).
Coins Clothing $60,000 3 lbs. 750 gold pieces ($​80 each).
Edged Rapier Carried $250,000 1.5 lbs. Balanced 2, Elven, Essential, Ornate 4, Superior, Tempered Glass.
$1,000,000 Accuracy +4, Loyal Sword, Puissance +4, Quick-Draw.
+6 to skill, +1 damage per die, sw+6(2) cut or thr+7(2) imp, Parry 0F, ST 10. Weighs six pounds for weapon breakage and durability purposes, -9 to breakage odds, other weapons have +2 to breakage odds. DR 18, HP 45. +4 to reaction rolls where the sword is the primary focus. Weapon is resistant to acid and electrical attacks.
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