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The night sky as seen from the continent of Tamaranth is a brilliant and beautiful thing, crowded with stars in a hundred constellations, and jewelled with seven moons and five planets.

The major moons are Candra, the largest moon, and Lixue, only slightly smaller but far enough out that it appears to be only two-thirds the size. Its orbit is permanently 45º ahead of and above Candra. The minor moons are Nuala, Ophira, Malana, Kyros and Halle. Of the seven moons, the five minor moons are small enough that their effect on tides is negligible. Together the two major moons have an effect similar to Luna on Terra insofar as the length of day and other rotational effects are concerned, but the tides differ a little in that all areas experience a mixed semidiurnal tide cycle, with Lixue acting as an intensifier.

The visible planets are Iliana, a rocky planet closer to the sun than Tamaranth; Marnin, a rocky planet further from the sun than Tamaranth, ice covered and very bright; next out is Morathi, a medium sized gas giant; then Esus, the largest gas giant in the sphere; and Tethra, the gas giant furthest out, midway in size between Morathi and Esus.

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