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Celti's Wishlist

Specific Items

These are individual items that have caught my desire, in no particular order of preference:

Headphone Accessory Cable
The Shure RMCE-BT2 is an accessory for my headphones that adds a microphone, remote control, and Bluetooth wireless capability to them.
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is… a controller for the Nintendo Switch, I'm really not sure what else to say here. Don't be afraid to duplicate this one, the Switch can connect up to eight of them!
A New e-Reader
My trusty old Nook is old and decrepit, and these days Barnes & Noble isn't the end-all, be-all of ebooks. No, that's Amazon, but I don't like Amazon, so instead I want to replace it with a Kobo e-reader. Ideally, I'd like the Kobo Forma, but its little sibling, the Kobo Libra H2O would do nearly as well.

External Wishlists

I'm always happy to get anything from my Amazon wishlist(s):

  • Wishes (things that i find cool, neat, and interesting).
  • Wants (things that i find genuinely useful).
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