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Celti's Wishlist

Specific Items

These are individual items that have caught my desire, in rough order of preference:

Replacement Headphone Cable
Lately, my headphones have developed a nasty intermittent buzz in one ear… but they have replaceable cables!
Replacement Watch Band
My trusty smartwatch has not been adorning my wrist for some time, as the latch has broken. I'm looking for a 22mm watchband, with quick-release pins, a sturdy latch, and waterproof materials. This one is visually nearly identical to the original, but if you want to surprise me with a different style I ask that you keep it tasteful.
Headphone accessory cable
The Shure RMCE-BT1 is a replacement/add-on cable for my headphones that adds a microphone, remote control, and Bluetooth wireless capability to them.

Nintendo Switch

External Wishlists

I'm always happy to get anything from my wishlists on Good Old Games or Amazon.

Perennial Favourites

As always, any beverage you think I might find interesting will be appreciated. In general, I like teas and coffees (both exotic and ordinary); ciders, ginger beers, and root beers (both hard and soft); whisk(e)y, rum, mead, gin, absinthe, and a variety of other spirits, liqueurs, and cordials.
Some specifics include:
The Black Blood of the Earth
In the interests of honesty, all of my particular favourites are home-brewed. If you think you've found something to match, though, I'm always up for a pleasant surprise!
I'm mostly fond of Irish whiskey, although my ultimate favourite is Penderyn Welsh whisky. Scotch is good if it's not too peaty (definitely no Islay malts for me!).
Irish Mist is always a solid standby; Drambuie is fine; Bushmills Irish Honey is pretty good; Ballotin chocolate bourbon is strangely incredible. Baileys will be used in coffee in place of cream and sugar, and be gone within days. I like a very wide variety, though — feel free to surprise me!
I'm a sucker for good absinthe. I'd particularly like to try Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieure, made and bottled in Washington.
Hard cider
I'm fond of both Woodchuck and Angry Orchard, especially their seasonal or special varietals — I'd be especially grateful for a bottle of each (or just any!) cider in their “Cider House Collection”.
Gift cards
Gift cards will always get spent, of course. If you want something you know I'll particularly enjoy, consider:
  • Warehouse 23 (gaming books and games!)
  • Fry's Electronics (in-store only1)) or Newegg (electronics and other goodies!)
  • Barnes & Noble or Google Play (books and music!)
  • Nintendo or Steam (video games!)
  • World Market (all sorts of fascinating foods, drinks, and various tchotchkes!)
  • Or even just Amazon, a Visa card, or simply cash, as I am perpetually broke.

1) Alas, you'd think the premier electronics store would join the digital age already!
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