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Celti's Wishlist

Specific Items

First up, these are individual things that have caught my eye. They are roughly sorted in order from “want most” to “want not-quite-as-much” — but that phrasing is deliberate, I would be very happy with any of them, or just anything off the Perennial Favourites list.

A subscription to Pyramid Magazine
Or more precisely, a gift certificate from Warehouse 23 in the amount of $20, $40, or $70 so that I can extend my current subscription by 3, 6, or 12 months. The W23 store is the only place to acquire/extend a subscription and they don't allow specific gift purchases, only gift certificates.
Portable hard drive
A USB 3 external hard drive/backup drive, at least 1 TB (more is obviously nice). USB-C is acceptable but not preferred. The Western Digital My Passport 1TB is cheap and reliable in the category.
The Black Blood of the Earth
Iced tea jar
A classic sun tea jar (vintage not required). Glass, not plastic please; a spigot would be nice but is not required.
Either the Fizzi™ or the Source™, plus as many of the bottles, CO2 cylinders, and flavour syrups as you're willing to tack on (for flavours: Cola, “Fountain Mist”, anything citrus or cranberry).
Cold brew coffee pitcher
Something reasonably large (at least a quart) with a built-in filter basket and decently-sealing lid.
The DEFCON soundtrack CD
Subtitled “Fear — Madness — Loss”, I'd love to have this soundtrack to the game DEFCON in CD format. I've already got the digital-download version of it, which is somewhat different — I'm now looking for the three-track version, ideally on CD or in FLAC format.
Shure RMCE accessory cable
It's a spare cable for my earphones that adds a microphone and remote control to them.
New Nintendo 3DS X
The “new” is part of the model name, not just “I want a new one”. Any colour is fine.

Perennial Favourites

I'm hard enough on clothes that I'm perpetually in need of new ones.
Lounge-and-sleepwear in soft and light fabrics with long pants. Beyond that, I don't care so much about style if they look cute.
Long– or short-sleeved button-ups, dress shirts, blouses, sport shirts, or similar tops (no polos, please!). I prefer fairly loose and flowy garments. Between 2XL and 3XL (size 20 neck), “tall” sizes preferred.
Black or grey slacks; again, loose and flowy garments preferred. 42” waist, 34” inseam (in women's sizing I should be about a 21).
These knit hose from UT Kilts are absolutely the best socks I have ever worn. They’re cool in the summer, warm even wading through the snow, have enough padding to prevent blisters and just flat-out comfortable. I linked the black ones, but they also have a variety of other colours — I'd be happy with black, grey, cream, or green.
Soft t-shirts of any variety (pocket Ts, long sleeves, &c.), 3XL or 2XL “Tall”. Knit boxers or boxer-briefs, in sizes matching the trousers above. For either, solid colours or subtle patterns, please; preferably dark.
I'm finding myself in need of a new coat with more elegance than a hoodie. I would adore one of these modernised haori in wool and ventile, but I realise that the cost and shipping probably puts that out of reach. A simple canvas duster would be great as well (wool and leather are unfortunately too hot for our climate).
As always, any beverage you think I might find interesting: I like mead, hard cider, whiskey, absinthe, some liqueurs, and exotic teas and coffees.
Honestly, a lot of commercial mead is crap — all of my particular favourites are home-brewed. If you happen to have some, or you think you've found something commercial that's good, though… I'm always up for a pleasant surprise!
I'm mostly fond of Irish whiskey, although my favourite is Penderyn Welsh Whiskey. Scotch is good if it's not too peaty.
Irish Mist is always a solid standby; Drambuie is fine; Bushmills Irish Honey is pretty good; Ballotin chocolate bourbon is strangely incredible. I like a very wide variety, though — feel free to surprise me!
I'm a sucker for good absinthe. I'd particularly like to try Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieure, made and bottled in Washington.
Hard cider
I'm fond of both Woodchuck and Angry Orchard, especially their seasonal or special varietals — I'd be especially grateful for a bottle of each (or just any!) cider in their “Cider House Collection”.
Gift cards
If nothing else gift cards and cash will always be spent, particularly Newegg, Google Play, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Warehouse 23, or Fry's Electronics1) — or just Fry's grocery, as the car is always hungry for gas.

1) In-store only, alas. You'd think the premier electronics store would join the digital age already!
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