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This Is Not A Wiki

Welcome, visitors, to the (not) wiki of Celti and company! If you want an account, create one using the link at the very top of the page, and then message me through whatever means you find easiest (see the icons on my homepage) to get your account activated for the appropriate section(s) of the wiki.


The pages in support of Celti's gaming group, including a bit of stuff generally useful for GURPS 4th Edition.
The Dark Ones IRC
About the (mostly dead) Dark Ones IRC channel and how to join it.
The LadyLuck IRC Bot
Help files for Celti's pet IRC bot.
Eris, Our Lady of Discod
Help files and etc. for Eris, LadyLuck's successor on the Discord platform.
A collection of recipes by Celti and others.
Croi's Games
Croi's pages, mostly for the games Refuge and Orbs of the Dead God

Private Sections

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