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-====== Cream of Asparagus Soup ====== 
-===== Ingredients ===== 
-  * 6 pounds fresh asparagus 
-  * 1 large onion 
-  * 2 or 3 sticks (¼ pound each) butter 
-  * ¾ cup white rice flour 
-  * 1 quart half-and-half,​ plus more to adjust thickness 
-  * 1 quart chicken stock, plus more to adjust thickness 
-  * ½ cup sherry (cream sherry is best), more or less to taste 
-  * Salt and pepper to taste 
-===== Preparation ===== 
-  - Remove woody ends from asparagus, and remove and reserve tips. 
-  - Snap remaining asparagus into roughly 2-inch pieces. 
-  - Start 1 stick of butter melting in large heavy-bottomed pot or dutch oven. 
-  - Dice onion finely or puree in food processor and add to butter. 
-  - Once onion is golden and translucent,​ add asparagus to pot, and another stick of butter if the onion has absorbed it all. 
-  - Cover pot and sweat asparagus, stirring regularly, until tender and bulk has reduced. 
-  - While sweating the asparagus, in a large frying pan melt a stick of butter and build a roux with the rice flour. 
-  - Once the roux has reached a blonde colour, stir in the sherry and a cup or so of half-and-half to build a cream sauce, seasoning it with salt and pepper. 
-  - Once the asparagus is tender, add the cream sauce, chicken broth, and remaining half and half to the pot and puree the contents with an immersion blender. 
-  - Let the pot simmer for at least half an hour, or longer as wished to let the flavours meld. 
-  - While pot is simmering, lightly steam reserved asparagus tips in steamer or microwave. 
-  - Adjust thickness of soup as desired, and serve hot, topped with asparagus tips. 
-Serves 20 as a soup course, or eight as a main course.