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Credit: Kat (wherever she may be)

To make the pre-mix, add to a clean one-gallon jug, in this order:

  1. Two 750ml bottles of peach schnapps
  2. Two 750ml bottles of amaretto
  3. Fill half the remaining space with vodka

The proportions are approximately 4 parts schnapps, 4 parts amaretto, and 1 part vodka.

To serve, in your drinking cup, in this order:

  1. Fill cup 1/2–⅔ full of ice.
  2. Add a few maraschino cherries and a splash of the juice.
  3. Fill the cup almost to the half-way point with the pre-mix.
  4. Fill to the top with Dr. Pepper.
  5. Stir well.

Best served with a straw, but not necessary.

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