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The Dark Ones IRC

The Dark Ones now have a chat channel run by Celti on the Sorcery IRC Network. If you're already familiar with IRC, just join #DarkOnes on If you're not familiar with IRC, read onwards!

What is IRC?

IRC is "Internet Relay Chat", a group-focused instant messaging protocol. It is one of the oldest instant messaging protocols, often used by free software and computing groups.

Chatting in your web browser

The quickest way you can join us is using this link to the chat via, which will ask you to enter a username and then connect you to the room.

In the longer term you may find using a dedicated chat client such as Pidgin easier, especially if you use more than one chat system or want to join other channels on this network.

The Pidgin client (Windows and Linux)

These instructions assume that you have the program "Pidgin" (formerly known as "Gaim") installed and can start it up. If you cannot get Pidgin installed or cannot start it, please join via the web link, as above and ask Celti for help. Likewise if you would prefer to use a different client to Pidgin and need instructions.

Setting up Pidgin for the first time

  • Start Pidgin
  • Open up the Pidgin accounts window. This is a window with 'Accounts' in the title bar at the top. If you have a 'Buddy List' window and cannot find an 'Accounts' window, go to the 'Accounts' menu and select 'Add/Edit'.
  • In the 'Accounts' window', press the 'Add' button and an 'Add Account' window will open.
  • In the 'Add Account' window:
    • Go to the 'Protocol' section and select 'IRC' from the drop down box.
    • In the 'Username' box type in a name for yourself. Ideally your Dark Ones name, but this can be anything you like. You do not need to register for an account anywhere before using your name.
    • Type '' into the 'Server' box.
    • Press the 'Save' button. There is no need to enter anything for 'Password' or 'Alias'.

Connecting to the server and joining the channel once you are set up

  • In the 'Accounts' window, there will now be a line beginning with your chosen username and ending with ''. There will be a checkbox next to it. If there is no tick in that checkbox, click on it and wait for a tick to appear. If there is a tick already, leave it.
  • Press the 'Close' button, the Accounts window will close.
  • In the 'Buddy List' window, go to the 'Buddies' menu and select 'Add Chat'
  • If the '' name is not already showing as chosen in the 'Account' drop down list, select it from the drop down list.
  • In the 'Channel' box, type in '#DarkOnes'.
  • Click 'Add'. There is no need to enter anything for 'Password' or 'Alias'.
  • In the 'Buddy List' window, '#DarkOnes' should appear under 'Chats'. Double-click it.
  • A new window will pop up. This is the group chat. You type your messages into the box at the bottom. Messages from you and other people will appear in the main box. You can see a list of everyone in the chat on the right.
  • Have fun chatting!

Mac OS

If you are using Mac OS you can use Colloquy. Connect to server '' and channel '#DarkOnes'.

Other alternatives

A list of alternative IRC clients is available from Remember when following their documentation that our server is and our channel is '#DarkOnes'.

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