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The Scroll

The Document Found In The Tower of Eriemos



Know ye that when the ancient ones do rise, that the Orbs of the dead God shall be under threat, for the foe of old shall seek to destroy them.
So seek ye all who would prevent this, the towers wherein the Orbs are hidden, for if they are not protected, then shall the barrier itself be lost, and the gods of old shall cause endless suffering.

Additional Information

"Those words are well known to scholars. They were uttered in the third century AB by a woman known as Nekane Sibylle--Nekane the Prophet. She lived in what was then Amanesh, in the area now known as Arcimea, and is very famous, for she had the gift, or curse, of precognition. According to the many biographies written about her--some by contemporaneous authors, I might add--she was quite mad, tormented by the uncontrollable outpouring of voices and images that flooded her thoughts day and night. She was also invariably right, if one could but interpret her cryptic and convoluted ravings. That was always a challenge, and remains so to this day.

"The same speech that included that oft-quoted prophecy goes on to describe the 'gods of old' or 'ancient ones'--

'Tall as a house, they stand, yet manlike seeming,
Clad in armour ebon, forged of riven souls entrapped and whemmling.
Silver fleshed like winter birches,
Ember eye glares and cruelly scorches…'

"Poor thing! It must have been quite horrible to be hounded by the Alcanti with no way of differentiating between current reality and her prophetic dreams, but nonetheless she gave as accurate a description of that fell race as has ever been written."

Pwelwyll of Wicklow Foresthame
The seanmháthair draoi of Yearningate

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