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Geography and Population

Once Tanalok stretched from the Nischkar Sea to the border of Assel-Vesdra, from the Arktis Ocean to Tir Corrach, land of the gnomes, and Nepth. Present day Tanalok is but a remnant of its former self, and Tir Corrach has been obliterated, due to the aggressive, tyrannical expansionism of humans.

  • Tanalok, mainland and islands together (sans disputed zone) is 62,180 sqm.
  • Nordwall: 8244 sqm
  • Suedwall: 3474 sqm
  • Von Tanalok Insel: 415 sqm
  • Mainland: 50,047 sqm
  • The disputed zone is roughly 31,400 sqm

Not including the disputed zone, Tanalok has a population density is 72/sqm, a remarkably high number for such a mountainous, far northern country, but one that still reflects the influx of refugees displaced after losing the war with the invading humans in 1747 AB (der Bauch Krieg). The total population of the Kingdom is 4,476,960.

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