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The forms of address that prevail in the Kingdoms of Nacada, Canterus, Tacera, Stihmar and Arcimea.

PositionFormal AddressFamiliar Address
KingYour Majesty, and thereafter as SireNone
QueenYour Majesty, and thereafter as DameNone
Prince RoyalYour Royal Highness, and thereafter as PrinceNone
Princess RoyalYour Royal Highness, and thereafter as PrincessNone
DukeYour Grace or My Lord Duke or Duke (Name of Title)(Name of Title)
DuchessYour Grace or My Lady Duchess or Duchess (Name of Title)My Lady (Milady)
All Lesser PeersMy Lord (Milord) or Your Lordship or Lord (Name of Title)(Name of Title)
All Lesser PeeressesMy Lady or Your Ladyship or Lady (Name of Title)My Lady (Milady)
Eldest Sons of Hereditary Peers (Heirs Presumptive)My Lord (Milord) or Your Lordship or Lord (Surname)(Surname)
Younger Sons of Hereditary PeersMy Lord (Milord) or Lord (Given Name) of (Father's Title)My Lord (Milord) or Lord (Given Name) or (Given Name)
Wives of Eldest Sons of Hereditary Peers (Heirs Presumptive)My Lady or Lady (Surname)Same as Formal or (Given Name)
Eldest Daughter of Hereditary PeersLady (Given Name and Surname)My Lady (Milady) or Lady (Given Name)
Younger Daughters of Hereditary PeersLady (Given Name) of (Father's Title)Lady (Given Name)
Gentry (Knights, Barons, or the Grandchildren of Nobility)
Knight or BaronSir (Given Name and Surname)Sir or Sir (Given Name)
Knight or Baron's WifeDame (Given Name and Surname) Madame (My Dame) or Dame (Given Name)
Other (Male)Master (Given Name and Surname)Sir or Sir (Given Name)
Other (Female)Mistress (Given Name and Surname)Mistress or Miss (Given Name)
ArchbishopThe Most Reverend the Lord Archbishop of (Deity) of (Archdiocese)Your Grace or Archbishop
Bishop/High PriestThe Right Reverend the Bishop of (Deity) of (Diocese)My Lord (Milord) or Bishop
PriestFather (Given Name and Surname)Father or Father (Given Name) or Father (Surname)
PriestessMother (Given Name and Surname)Mother or Mother (Given Name) or Mother (Surname)
Other (Male--Deacon, Monk, etc)Brother (Given Name and Surname)Brother or Brother (Given Name)
Other (Female--Deaconess, Nun, etc)Sister (Given Name and Surname)Sister or Sister (Given Name)
AllBy Rank and SurnameBy Rank
Affluent Banker, Merchant, etc.(Male)Master (Given Name and Surname)Sir or Master (Surname)
Affluent Banker, Merchant, etc.(Female)Mistress (Given Name and Surname)Mistress or Mistress (Surname)
DoctorDoctor (Surname)Doctor
CraftsmanMaster (Given Name and Surname)Master (Given Name) or Master (Occupation)
CraftswomanMistress (Given Name and Surname)Mistress (Given Name) or Mistress (Occupation)
Upper Servant (Male)SurnameSurname
Upper Servant (Female)Matron (Surname) or Goodwife (Surname) Matron or Goody or Surname
Middle-class Shopkeepers, Yeomen, etc.(Male)Goodman (Given Name and Surname)Goodman or Surname or Given Name
Middle-class Shopkeepers, Yeomen, etc.(Female)Goodwife (Given Name and Surname)Goody or Goody (Surname) or Given Name
Labourers, etc.Given Name and SurnameGiven Name or Lad, Lass, Wench, Scamp, etc.

Familiar address is only used between equals with express permission or to those of inferior rank. It is never used by an inferior to address one of higher rank, although formal address can appropriately be shortened, eg. Lord Arrivan, instead of Lord Arrivan of Marros.

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