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When viewed at rest, the first thing anyone notices about Bniggfrist is its extraordinary beauty, the next, its lethality. Made entirely of mithral silver banded and inlaid with gold, it has the gleam of fine jewellery that will never tarnish or deteriorate over time.

It appears to be a standard warhammer +2, and it will allow itself to be used as such by any creature with neutrality as one element of his or her alignment and warhammer proficiency. However, in the hands of its dedicated owner, or by anyone as above in pursuit of creatures of Shadow, its full potential is realized.

Bniggfrist has the following characteristics:

  • It has a 180-foot range and will return to its wielder's hand like a boomerang.
  • It has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • When hurled, the warhammer inflicts double damage against all creatures (natural or created) of Tamaranth; it causes triple damage (plus the bonus of +3) against Shadow.


  • Intelligence: 16
  • Alignment: TN
  • Ego: 20
  • Can read maps of any nonmagical type
  • Speaks/reads 5 languages: Common, Dwarven, Orcish, Draconic (Alcanti), Goblinoid

Primary Abilities

  • Detect Shadow, all manifestations, including Shadow magic, or the presence of a creature of Shadow, within a 10 foot radius
  • ESP, 30 yards range--3 times/day, 1 round per use

Special Ability

  • Emits full daylight when being used against the forces of Shadow


Fen snatched Bniggfrist up from the field of battle after Tilador killed Diarmuid, her Maker and first Companion/Wielder. Diarmuid was a smith, not a fighter, the creator of most of the legendary weapons of the Alcanti; the mortals thought of him as the god of the forge and metallurgy, and would crowd to him to learn. He loved that.

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