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The longsword stolen by Maruthra and bestowed upon Ludi has a straight, double-edged, fullered, 35" blade of legendary "watered" steel, patterned like the finest moire silk, extremely sharp yet flexible, and a cruciform hilt with an 8" grip, intricately wrapt in mithral wire, that can be used two-handed. One of the broad, ornate carved quillons curves up, almost forming a knuckle guard, and the other down to entrap an opponent's weapon, and the top of the round, fluted pommel is adorned with a large, fiery-red opal.

It appears to be a standard longsword +2, and it will allow itself to be used as such by any creature with goodness as one element of his or her alignment and longsword proficiency. However, in the hands of its dedicated owner, or by anyone as above in pursuit of creatures of Shadow, its full potential is realized.

Bichteni has the following characteristics:


  • Intelligence: 15
  • Alignment: NG
  • Ego: 18
  • Speaks/reads 4 languages: Draconic (Alcanti), Common, Dwarven, Goblinoid

Primary Abilities

  • Detect Shadow, all manifestations, including Shadow magic, or the presence of a creature of Shadow, within a 10 foot radius
  • Acts as a Ring of Free Action when in hand
  • Acts as a Girdle of Giant Strength (Strength: 22) when in hand
  • Fires Magic Missiles (2d4+2) thrice daily

Special Ability

  • Emits Fireballs (per the spell, currently 7d6) instead of Magic Missiles six times daily when being used against the forces of Shadow
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