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Source Purpose
Cassie Unknown
Shadow Stalker Shadow
Taylor Administration
Lust Alter/Optimize/Human
Envy Imitate/Optimize/Human
Gluttony Consume/Optimize/Human
Pride Shadow/Optimize/Human
Greed Resist/Optimize/Human
Sloth Accelerate/Optimize/Human
Watcher of Soles Aware
Runechild Connection
Jack Of All Trades Distribution
Paramount Battery
Vital Monitor
Fleur Collection
Mush Extension
Skidmark Area
Squealer Library (Crude Tools)
Trainwreck Library (Industry)
Fullmetal Connection
Fullmetal Reshape
Feng Lao Impart
Shank Library (Disassembly)
Tenko Channel
Allfather Extract
Iron Rain Extract
Svartalf Library (Hydraulics)
Thunderer Smash
Valkyrie Chance
Brainwave Broadcast
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